Press Releases

16 Mar 2012

The Jayapura state court today found five Papuan leaders guilty of treason, sentencing them each to three years imprisonment. International NGOs state that they seriously regret the verdict and question the fairness of the trial proceedings.

3 Nov 2011

Evidence has emerged of a horrific attack on a Papuan student in the town of Wamena in West Papua’s central highlands. Two Satpol PP officers stopped the youth, poured glue on his head and set it alight. TAPOL calls for an immediate criminal investigation.

3 Nov 2011

Following last month’s violent dispersal by Indonesian security forces of the Third Papuan Peoples’ Congress in Jayapura, the new Report ‘Human Rights in Papua 2010/2011 confronts Indonesia with the full scale of human rights problems in Papua.

20 Oct 2011

On Wednesday, a meeting of thousands of indigenous Papuans in Jayapura, West Papua, became the scene of a brutal crackdown by Indonesian security forces.

17 Sep 2011

A report has been released following a joint investigation into the mistreatment and torture of a group of 15 Papuans in connection with two criminal incidents that occurred recently in West Papua.

14 Aug 2011

One year after the MIFEE (Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate) Project was launched by the central government, the situation of the people in Merauke has become a matter of grave concern.