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Press Release: London Exchange to be taken to High Court for trading in 'dirty metals' in unprecedented legal action

06 February 2024

The London Mining Network, supported by the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) have today filed a landmark legal action at the UK High Court against the London Metal Exchange (LME or Exchange). They argue that, by enabling the global sale of ‘dirty metals’, the Exchange is in breach of UK anti-money laundering and proceeds of crime legislation.

Solidarity for Human Rights Defenders Fatia Maulidiyanti and Haris Azhar

22 November 2023

Organisations, human rights groups, and defenders are calling for the Indonesian Government to end its judicial harassment against prominent human rights defenders, Fatia Maulidiyanti and Haris Azhar as well as to further protect all human rights defenders in the country.

Found guilty by judges, Yanwaris Sewa sentenced to 18 years in prison

22 June 2023

The Continuation of the hearing for the verdict for case number: PDM-18/R.2.11/Eoh.2/02/2023, against Yanwaris Sewa, on Thursday 22nd June 2023 at Sorong State Court, at a court led by the Chief Judge, Bernadus Papendang, along with Rivai Rasyid Takuboya and Lutfi Tomu serving as other judges, attended by the Public Prosecutor along with the accused and his legal team.

Webinar: Status and Trends of Freedom of Expression, Assembly, and Digital Rights in West Papua

19 June 2023

SAFEnet and TAPOL together hosted a webinar, “Status and Trends of Freedom of Expression, Assembly, and Digital Rights in West Papua”, to share findings from our reports documenting Freedom of Expression and Assembly and Digital Rights in West Papua.

Three West Papuans charged with treason for holding religious service to mark pro-independence organisation's anniversary

05 June 2023

Three West Papuans have been charged with treason and face up to 4 years in prison for holding a peaceful  religious service.

TAPOL's Latest Report - West Papua 2022: Laws, arrests and harassment worsens, despite Jakarta’s sweet words

10 May 2023

With the ink now drying on the laws creating the new provinces in West Papua, claimed by Jakarta to have support from Papuans, TAPOL’s new report, 'West Papua 2022: Freedom Of Expression And Freedom Of Assembly', shows a picture of increasing incidents, including  arrests, dispersals, intimidation and killings for expressing dissent.

Update on Viktor Yeimo's trial - delayed yet again

18 April 2023

The agenda for the reading of the prosecution’s case in the trial of Viktor Yeimo on treason charges at Jayapura District Court on 17th April 2023 has been postponed for a second time. The reason given was the same as on the first occasion: the prosecution file from the public prosecutor is not ready because it still has to be coordinated with the Office of the Attorney-General.

TAPOL statement on the hostage-taking in Nduga, West Papua

08 March 2023

Despite putting the West Papua issue back in the international spotlight, the hostage-taking of civilians is regrettable and unjustified based on international human rights and humanitarian norms.

Melkias Ky Trial Verdict Due

31 January 2023

Melkias Ky (23), a civilian who lives in Insum Village, Maybrat District, West Papua, has become the victim of a wrongful arrest by the police, during the trial surrounding the events that took place in Kisor, Maybrat, on 2nd September 2021.

Indonesian military’s hands on food estates highlights global land grab trends

20 January 2023

TAPOL and awasMIFEE’s latest reports explore the increasing prominence of food estates in West Papua and Indonesia, diving into its history, purported reasoning and who stands to benefit from their creation.

Webinar: A Look at the State of Food Estates - 24 January

17 January 2023

The event explores why these estates are being set-up, who stands to gain from their rollout and compare how it is implemented across the world. How coercive power is used to clear land, the military's own direct role in running the estate and the effect on indigenous populations, will also be discussed.

The Paniai Trial- A Parody of Justice set up to fail?

09 December 2022

Despite the National Human Rights Commission recommending that 41 people be tried for responsibility for the events of the day, the trial has only seen one of the alleged perpetrators indicted by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO).

Paniai Trial Update

07 December 2022

At this stage, it is important to analyse some of the revelations that have come out of the trial, what light that has shed on the events, including within the framework of national and international law obligations and also to analyse the effectiveness of this process so far and advocate to ensure justice is found here and in future similar situations.

8 Countries Call out Indonesia's Actions in West Papua at UPR

15 November 2022

On 9th November 2022, Indonesia’s 4th cycle of Indonesia's Universal Periodic Review (UPR) began at the UN in Geneva. A total of 108 Member States offered oral statements and recommendations on how Indonesia may be able to improve their human rights situation.

Another West Papuan Political Prisoner Dies

04 November 2022

After news of the deaths of Zode Hilapok and Filep Karma, we have received more sad news. This time, it is news of the death of Abraham Mate (29), one of the West Papuan youths accused of involvement in attacking a military post in Kisor, Maybrat, Papua Barat Province. He died in Sorong Prison on the night of Wednesday 2nd November.

TAPOL’s Condolences upon the Death of Zode Hilapok

25 October 2022

TAPOL expresses its sadness at the passing of Zode Hilapok, a West Papuan political prisoner, on 22nd October 2022. Zode was one of eight people accused of treason for raising the Morning Star flag above Cenderawasih Sports Centre in Jayapura on 1st December 2021.

TAPOL's Latest Report - West Papua 2021: criminalisation, collusion and broken promises

21 October 2022

“Reports of intensified violence… (have) result(ed) in unknown numbers of civilian casualties and fatalities and internal displacement” and shock at “reports of the dismembered bodies of four indigenous Papuan civilians found outside Timika in West Papua Province (sic) on 22 August”. These are the words of the UN Acting High Commissioner For Human Rights, Nada Al-Nashif, at the opening of the 51st Human Rights Council at the UN in Geneva last month. Al-Nashif’s inclusion of West Papua highlights further recognition of the worsening human rights situation on the ground by the UN.

TAPOL statement on the execution of political prisoners in Myanmar

03 August 2022

We condemn the execution of four political prisoners in Myanmar, Kyaw Min Yu, Phyo Zeya Thaw, Hla Myo Aung and Aung Thura Zaw. The four were convicted in a secret military court.  Member states of the United Nations and multilateral blocs from within the international community have denounced the executions. But international reactions have been basically in line with a position since the military's coup d'etat in February 2021.

TAPOL statement on the latest events in Paniai and Nduga, West Papua

20 July 2022

TAPOL expresses its concern and deep sorrow at the numerous events that have occured recently in West Papua, which have led to the deaths of several people.

Joint Statement on the Verdict of the Makassar District Court on the Sorong Six

30 June 2022

Coalition for Maybrat Advocacy has criticised the verdict of the Makassar District Court, which has found the Sorong Six guilty and sentenced them to prison for between 18 and 20 years. These verdicts add salt t​​o unhealed old wounds of Papuans, and have strengthened their sense that the Indonesian legal system cannot be trusted to deliver fair trials.