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Another West Papuan Political Prisoner Dies

04 November 2022
Abraham Mate

After news of the deaths of Zode Hilapok and Filep Karma, we have received more sad news. This time, it is news of the death of Abraham Mate (29), one of the West Papuan youths accused of involvement in attacking a military post in Kisor, Maybrat, Papua Barat Province. He died in Sorong Prison on the night of Wednesday 2nd November.

During the afternoon of the same day, Abraham appeared healthy. He had taken part in court proceedings at the Sorong District Court with Abraham Fatemte, who was also accused as part of the same case. However, at around 10pm he suddenly began to feel sick and fell to the floor, experiencing flatulence, wetting himself and appearing to lose consciousness. Despite then being rushed to hospital, efforts to save his life were in vain.

According to reports, Abraham Mate, along with Abraham Fatemte, Melkias Ky, the Sorong 6 and Lukas Ky, are strongly suspected to have been victims of targeted arrests. They were accused of being involved in the attack on the military post in Kisor on 2nd September 2021, solely because they were known to be members of and sympathetic to the National Committee for West Papua (KNPB). This is despite the West Papuan National Liberation Army (TPNPB) already announcing that they alone were responsible for the attack.

We express our condolences to the family of Abraham Mate. We hope he will be able to rest in peace.