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Letter on Timor-Leste to President of the UN Security Council

18 February, 2009

Your ExcellencyWe are writing on behalf of organizations long concerned with the justice process in Timor-Leste.As you meet this week to discuss renewing the UN mission in Timor-Leste, we urge you to look at the unfulfilled UN pledges concerning human rights and accountability for serious human rights crimes committed in Timor-Leste between 1975 and 1999.We urge the Security Council to seriously examine the recommendations of the 2005 Commission of Experts (CoE) report and Chega! (Enough!), the final report of the Timor-Leste's Reception, Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CAVR), as guides...

Money Politics at a Time of Financial Crisis

16 February, 2009

With less than two months to go before Indonesians go to the polls in April 2009 for the third time since the restoration of democracy in 1998, campaigning has been underway for months. No fewer than 38 political parties are taking part and newspapers are full of reports about campaigns across the country for seats in the Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (DPR), the national parliament. Winning seats in the DPR is essential in order to have a say in determining who becomes the country’s next president. Indonesia is now governed by a combination of a presidential and a multi-party system. Nominations...

Human rights and development post-Suharto

3 June, 2008

Briefing by the UK's Indonesia NGO Forum and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Human Rights President ahead of the planned visit of the Indonesian President to the UK, calling for parliamentary action on West Papua; Impunity; Aceh; and Climate justice and sustainable livelihoods.To read the briefing, please download the PDF file.

188-189, March 2008

3 March, 2008

Bulletin no. 188 Contents 1. Suharto dies without being brought to justice2. Komnas HAM to investigate 1965 killings3. Indonesia’s mass murderer and kleptocrat4. Suharto and the rape of West Papua5. ‘A climate of fear’6. Congressman’s visit highlights problems of access7. Papuans protest flag-flying ban8. Police abuse widespread: UN torture expert9. Human Rights Council to review Indonesia10. Munir: Unravelling the role of BIN11. Burying the past in impunity12. UN urged to carry out Timor-Leste justice mandate13. Balibo Five deliberately killed, says coroner14. The continuing crisis...

Burying the Past in Impunity

19 February, 2008

Backgrounder on the Indonesia/Timor-Leste Commission of Truth and Friendship1. This backgrounder provides a brief summary of the work of the controversial Indonesia/Timor-Leste Commission of Truth and Friendship (CTF), which is due to report in February/March 2008.2. On 14 December 2004, the governments of Indonesia and Timor-Leste agreed to set up a Commission whose objective, according to terms of reference subsequently concluded on 9 March 2005, is:“To establish the conclusive truth in regard to the events prior to and immediately after the [Timor-Leste] popular consultation in 1999, with...

Submission to 2008 Universal Periodic Review of Indonesia by UN HRC

27 November, 2007

1. This submission is made to the OHCHR by TAPOL, a UK-based NGO, formed in 1973, which promotes human rights, peace and democracy in Indonesia. TAPOL is a relevant stakeholder under Human Rights Council Resolution 5/1 of 18 June 2007.Priority issue: Impunity2. The submission highlights the issue of impunity and recommends that the Human Rights Council (HRC) addresses four particular concerns in its review of Indonesia:a) the normative and institutional problems associated with the investigation, prosecution, and delivery of justice in relation to cases of past violations of human rights;b)...

Open Letter to United Nations Security Council on Timor-Leste

26 November, 2007

Open Letter to United Nations Security CouncilDear Security Council member,As your delegation prepares to leave for Timor-Leste, we write to urge you to pay careful attention to the transitional justice process for that country. As you will be aware, the people of Timor-Leste suffered countless war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Indonesian invasion and 24-year occupation of their homeland, in violation of numerous United Nations resolutions and human rights treaties. We remind you of the Security Council's earlier commitments, expressed more than seven years ago in Resolutions...

NGOs write to Timorese Parliament

14 March, 2007

Dear Mr Guterres,On 28 November 2006, Chega!, the report of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in Timor-Leste (CAVR), was launched in the UK Parliament at an event sponsored by our organisations – Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, TAPOL the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign, and Progressio – in conjunction with the all-party Parliamentary Human Rights Group.The purpose of this event was to acknowledge the very significant achievements of the Commission and to highlight the urgent need for due consideration of the report by the relevant governments and international...

Resounding victory for democracy in Aceh

14 January, 2007

The local elections in Aceh on 11 December 2006 resulted in convincing victories for independent candidates. Irwandi Yusuf and Muhammad Nazar secured the positions of governor and vice-governor while other key posts such as district heads (bupati ) in North and East Aceh and mayors of the cities of Lhok Seumawe and Sabang were also won by independents. The Acehnese voted for a dramatic change in the political landscape. Under Indonesian law, there is no place for independent candidates in elections but the recently adopted LOGA (Law on the Governance of Aceh) made provision for such an...

West Papua: Land of Peace or Killing Field?

30 June, 2005

Paper presented by Carmel Budiardjo to the fifth international solidarity meeting for West Papua, Manila, the Philippines (29 April - 1 May)
30 June 2005
The people of West Papua have lived for more than forty years under the Indonesian jackboot. It is widely agreed that about 100,000 Papuans have lost their lives as a result of military operations or occupation-related disorders since the beginning of Indonesian rule in 1963. Throughout the history of Indonesian rule, the main bone of contention has been the denial of the right to self-determination. Few would deny that the Act...

Briefing on the current situation in West Papua

14 March, 2005

AccessWith the exception of the capital city, Jayapura, West Papua is closed to visits by foreign NGOs and journalists. West Papuan NGOs are able to keep contact with local groups and communities and collect information for dissemination abroad. ELSHAM, which recently received an international award, is the foremost NGO doing this work.Zone of Peace
Ever since 1998 and the fall of Suharto, West Papuan leaders and organisations have been calling for a Zone of Peace. This would of course undercut the role of the armed forces. Jakarta has made no response. Papuan leaders have also called...

177 November 2004

3 November, 2004

Bulletin no. 177 Contents1. New campaign to release political prisoners2. A Human Rights Agenda for the new government [text unavailable]3. Journalist sentenced on charge of defamation [text unavailable]4. The continuing search for truth and justice5. Using the courts for oppressive purposes6. Kopassus chief acquitted [text unavailable]7. Environmental activist jailed [text unavailable]8. Heavy sentences for flag-raisers in Maluku [text unavailable]9. A new president is elected10. Prospects for Papua under SBY [text unavailable]11....

176, August 2004

3 August, 2004

Bulletin no. 176 Contents1. Army officers cleared of graves crimes in East Timor2. Pressure for East Timor justice intensifies [text unavailable]3. May 1998 atrocity still unresolved [text unavailable]4. Human rights NGOs under threat [text unavailable]5. New politicians take centre stage6. MPs accuse Government7. Papuans face uncertain future8. Freeport indictment [text unavailable]9. Military operations in Aceh fail10. Subandrio, a Sukarno man to the core (Obituary) [text unavailable] 1. Army officers cleared of grave crimes in East...

175, March 2004

3 March, 2004

Bulletin no. 175 Contents1. Rehabilitation nearer for PKI suspects2. Listening to the voice of the victims [text unavailable]3. General elections: old wine in a new bottle?4. Unlawful trials and prisoner abuse in Aceh5. Aceh Peace Conference in Kuala Lumpar [text unavailable]6. Aceh seen as a threat to Indonesia's unity [text unavailable]7. Press freedom under threat [text unavailable]8. Yale finds evidence of genocide9. Tangguh: increased TNI and police presence10. Indonesian workers seek jobs abroad [text unavailable]11. Legal challenge to...

173-174, December 2003

3 December, 2003

Bulletin no. 173 Contents 1. Extension of martial law continues misery in Aceh2. Hundreds of political trials in Aceh3. International pressure increases for end to martial law [text unavailable]4. Refugees deported by Malaysia [text unavailable]5. European Parliament acts on Aceh and Papua [text unavailable]6. West Papua asserts its Pacific status [text unavailable]7. Military sets Papua agenda8. Classified documents confirm US support for rigged 'Act of Free Choice'9. Will justice be done at the Priok trials? [text unavailable]10. Fresh...

171-172, June 2003

3 June, 2003

Bulletin no. 171 Contents1. Peace must be restored in Aceh2. International humanitarian intervention [text unavailable]3. Why the Acehnese want independence [text unavailable]4. Indonesia’s territorial integrity and TNI's role in crushing separatism [text unavailable]5. A soft coup by the military6. Military operations in the Central Highlands [text unavailable]7. Infant mortality in Papua: the worst in the world [text unavailable]8. The impact of BP's Tangguh project on Papua9. Where's the justice?10. Hawk jets used in Aceh war [text...

169-170, January 2003

3 January, 2003

Bulletin no. 169 Contents1. A step towards peace in Aceh2. Foreign tourists sentenced [text unavailable]3. The Bali blast and beyond4. Anti-terrorism decree [text unavailable]5. Tanjung Priok massacre: will justice be done? [text unavailable]6. 1965-1966 massacre to be investigated7. Kopassus and the Maluku crisis8. No justice for East Timor [text unavailable]9. More Kopassus crimes in West Papua10. BP in West Papua: the Tangguh project [text unavailable]11. Solidarity for West Papua is growing [text unavailable]12. Creating a zone of...

168, September 2002

3 September, 2002

Bulletin no. 168 Contents1. Emergency continues to grip Aceh2. Rights violations continue unabated [text unavailable]3. Maluku is now a closed territory4. Problems mount in West Papua [text unavailable]5. Unexplained killings in Merauke [text unavailable]6. Is a zone of peace possible in Papua?7. Violence against women [text unavailable]8. Indonesian justice in serious trouble [text unavailable]9. Will these generals ever be brought to trial?10. Appeal to support former tapols [text unavailable]11. New revelations about 1999 mayhem in...

166-167, April 2002

3 April, 2002

Bulletin no. 166 Contents1. The military and the arrogance of power2. Visit to a war zone3. From rights abuses to Syari'a law [text unavailable]4. Building solidarity for Aceh [text unavailable]5. Seminar on conflict resolution in Aceh banned6. Peasant activists under fire [text unavailable]7. Theys murder inquiry blocked by cover-up [text unavailable]8. New Internationalist West Papua edition [text unavailable]9. West Papua campaign launched at UN10. Jakarta trials unlikely to provide justice for East Timor11. Kissinger and East Timor: more...

164-165, December 2001

3 December, 2001

Bulletin no. 164 Contents1. Papua independence leader assassinated2. Can ‘special autonomy’ work?3. Civilian rule, military power4. An economy in tatters [text unavailable]5. Peasants and the struggle for land reform [text unavailable]6. Human rights activists honoured [text unavailable]7. Justice delayed yet again [text unavailable]8. Torture Committee slams 'climate of impunity' [text unavailable]9. Labour leader talks to TAPOL [text unavailable]10. Can things ever get better in Aceh?11. TAPOL calls for cancellation of plans for new...