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Human Rights and Militarism in West Papua 2017 - 2022

31 March, 2022

Joint Stakeholders' Submission for the Universal Periodic Review (Fourth Cycle) of the Republic of Indonesia the 41st Session UPR Working Group (November 2022)

This submission is made to the OHCHR by TAPOL and Bersatu untuk Kebenaran (BUK; United for Truth). TAPOL is a UK-based NGO formed in 1973 that promotes human rights, peace and democracy in Indonesia. BUK is a West Papuan grassroots organisation founded in Biak in 2008 by West Papuan survivors of violence. It seeks to build the capacity of victims and victims’ groups so that they can campaign for their rights, and the rights of their families, in particular to justice and reparations. Members of BUK are spread across West Papua.  Both TAPOL and BUK are relevant stakeholders under Human Rights Council Resolution 5/1 of 18 June 2007 and as reaffirmed by Resolution 16/21 of 25 March 2011. Information provided by TAPOL was included in the summary of stakeholders’ submissions for the first cycle review of Indonesia in April 2008, the second cycle review in May 2012, and the Third Cycle review in May 2017.

The main focus of this submission is: freedom of expression and freedom of association and the use of the Treason Law; militarisation and the Government of Indonesia’s ‘counter-terrorism’ strategy; and the rights of children in the conflict region of West Papua.

Click the link below to download and read our full shadow report.