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Urgent Action by ELSHAM Papua

02 November 2021
Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency (Doc.





Marsekal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto
Panglima Tentara Nasional Indonesia 
Mabes TNI Cilangkap Jakarta Timur 13870 

Dear Chief Marsekal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto,

ELSHAM Papua is supported by 24 institutions and civil society organisations from across the land of Papua, throughout Indonesia, and internationally, expressing deep concern over the shooting of two children in Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency, Melpianus Sondegau (2 years old) who died, and Yoakim Majau (6 years old) was a victim of gunshot wounds. The shooting of these two children was a result of gunfire from the joint military and police forces who fired successively at TPN-PB groups in Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency, Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

We are deeply concerned with a situation where children have become victims of shoot- ings carried out by the security forces who fired indiscriminately into civilian homes.

The situation in Sugapa Intan Jaya is currently tense and people live in fear. By now most of the civilian population have taken refuge in the local church. This caused massive evac- uations to occur again, even though they had just returned to their villages after previously being forced to flee, and were still traumatised. Based on information released by the Timi- ka Diocese's SKP, there are currently around 5,600 people who have fled to churches, schools and built refugee tents at the local soccer field. Their condition is deplorable and will require food, clothing and medicine.

Therefore, we, ELSHAM Papua, together with 24 Civil Society Institutions and Organisa- tions in Papua, Indonesia and Internationally, request and urge the honourable Chief Marsekal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto to:

  1. Immediately order the TNI officers on duty in Intan Jaya Regency to exercise re- straint and not to carry out indiscriminate attacks in public locations and residential areas that might cause civilian casualties.
  2. Immediately carry out an investigation to find the perpetrators of the shooting who had indiscriminately shot at civilian houses causing causalities.
  3. Take responsibility for the welfare of the victims and their families, particularly the family of the deceased, Melpianus Sondegau (2 years) and the victim of a gunshot wound, Yoakim Majau (6 years).
  4. Ensure security guarantees for civilians in Sugapa in particular, and Intan Jaya Re- gency, in general, so as civilians do not to experience intimidation from the security forces on duty.
  5. Open access to humanitarian agencies to be able to enter Intan Jaya to provide humanitarian services.

In the name of humanity, this Urgent Action was issued by ELSHAM Papua and supported by:

  1. LP3BH Manokwari 
  2. SKPKC - OSA Sorong

  3. Make West Papua Safe Campaign
  4. KPKC Sinode GKI di Tanah Papua

  5. KPKC Sinode KINGMI di Tanah Papua

  7. YKKMP

  8. Yayasan Pusaka Bentala Rakyat
  9. Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet)
  10. KontraS Papua

  11. TAPOL 

  12. YLBHI

  13. Greenpeace Indonesia
  14. PapuaItuKita

  15. Lembaga Studi dan Advokasi Masyarakat (ELSAM) 

  16. WALHI Papua

  17. PAHAM Papua

  18. Amnesty Internasional Indonesia
  19. Kontras

  20. Perkumpulan JUBI

  21. SKPKC Fransiskan Papua

  22. Asia Justice and Rights

  23. CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
  24. SKP Keuskupan Timika

Jayapura, 2nd November 2021

Best Regards,



Rev. Matheus Adadikam, STh.


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