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UA: Arbitrary arrests, torture and killings following violence at Yotefa Market

26 November 2014

Dear Mr MendezIndonesia: Arbitrary arrests, torture and killings following violence at Yotefa Market, AbepuraWe are writing to you on behalf of TAPOL regarding a violent incident which occurred on 2 July 2014 at Yotefa Market in Abepura, Papua, Indonesia, after a policeman was killed while attempting to break up a dice game. Police conducted a sweep of the area making 40 arbitrary arrests, opening fire on a public bus and its passengers and torturing four men. During the police sweeping three students were killed in different locations near the market place by unknown masked assailants. All...

Yotefa Berdarah: Penangkapan sewenang-wenang, penyiksaan dan pembunuhan

31 October 2014

Peristiwa Kekerasaan di Pasar Yotefa Mengakibatkan Penangkapan Sewenang-Wenang, Penyiksaan dan Kematian 3 Orang Papua, 20/08/2014Pada hari Rabu, tanggal 2 Juli 2014 antara jam 15.00 dan jam 18.00 (WIT), anggota polisi melepaskan beberapa tembakan ke angkutan umum serta penumpang di pasar Yotefa Abepura dan sewenang-wenang menangkap, dan melakukan serta membiarkan penyiksaan terhadap 4 orang Papua asal pegungan tengah Provinsi Papua. Selain penyiksaan juga terjadi pembunuhan di luar hukum terhadap 3 warga masyarakat sipil asal pegunungan tengah Provinsi Papua yang berada di berbagai lokasi di...

Bloody Yotefa: Arbitrary arrests, torture and death

31 October 2014

Violent Incident at Yotefa Market Abepura Ends with Arribitary Arrests, Torture and the Deaths of 3 Papuan Men, 20/08/2014On Wednesday, 2 July 2014 between 15.00 and 18.00 o'clock East Indonesia Time, police men released shots at a public transport vehicle and its passengers at the Yotefa Market Abepura and arbitrarily arrested, tortured as well as allowed the torture of 4 Papuan men from the Papuan Central Highlands. Moreover, 3 other Papuan men from the Central Highlands were killed in different locations around Yotefa Market, as the sweeping at Yotefa Market was carried out. The incidents...

UPDATE: Cease criminal proceedings against Papuan lawyer Gustav Kawer

16 October 2014

Dear ______, UPDATE: Cease criminal proceedings against Papuan lawyer Gustav Kawer The International Coalition for Papua (ICP) and TAPOL are writing to update you on the criminal investigation against Mr. Gustaf Kawer, a prominent Papuan human rights lawyer. Following the preliminary summons addressed to him last month and the formal summons addressed to him via his bar association, a second summons has now been issued, showing that police still have no intention of dropping the investigation. After receiving the formal summons via his bar association, Mr. Kawer relocated to avoid the...

Urgent Appeal: French journalists & indigenous leader at risk of prosecution in Papua

05 September 2014

Dear friends,The International Coalition for Papua (ICP) is writing to inform you of an ongoing criminal investigation against two French journalists, Mr. Thomas Dandois and Ms. Valentine Bourrat in West Papua. The journalists are charged with articles concerning treason under the Penal Code and immigration crime under the Immigration Law. In addition to the journalist, the police hold an investigation against an indigenous leader in Lanny, Mr. Areki Wanimbo, whom the journalists met during their trip in West Papua. A human rights defender who has been seen with the journalists, Mr. Theo...

Urgent Appeal: Stop criminal proceedings against Papuan human rights lawyer

04 September 2014

The International Coalition for Papua (ICP) and TAPOL are writing to inform you of a case concerning the criminal investigation initiated by Papua Regional Police against prominent Papuan human rights lawyer, Gustaf Kawer. He has received two summonses under accusations of coercion and rebelliousness under Articles 211 and 212 of the Indonesian Penal Code.The criminal investigation against Mr. Kawer is based on a report filed by an administrative court judge who examined an indigenous land dispute in which Mr. Kawer’s client is a party. In a hearing held on June 12, 2014, Mr. Kawer protested...

Teror Dan Intimidasi Terhadap aktivis HAM Papua, Yones Douw

25 April 2014

Pada Tanggal 23 April 2014 jam 11:30 (WIT), ketika Yones Douw, seorang pembela HAM yang bertugas untuk KPKC (Keadilan, Perdamaian dan Keutuhan Ciptaan) Gereja KINGMI Papua, berjalan kaki di jalan Merdeka kota Nabire ke arah Ojehe, Dia dihadang oleh Petugas Polisi yang bernama IMAM M, di depan Kantor Keuangan Pemda Kota Nabire.   Percakapan :   Aparat Polisi ini bertanya kepada Yones Douw: “Bapak mau kemana?“ Yones Douw menjawab: “Saya mau menuju ke Ojehe, tetapi saya singgah di kantor KPU dulu untuk memantau dan melihat situasi di situ“, lalu Aparat Polisi itu bertanya kembali: “Bapak dari...

Terror and intimidation of Papuan rights activist Yones Douw

25 April 2014

Terror and Intimidation against Human Righst Activist in Nabire on 23 April 2014 at 11:30 (WIT), as Yones Douw, a human rights defender from the Human Rights Desk of the Tabernacle Church Papua (Kingmi Papua), was walking on Merdeka street in direction to Ojehe in Nabire town, he was intercepted in front of  Nabire Finance Department by a police officer named IMAM M.   Conversation:   The police officers asked Yones Douw: "Where are you going?" Yones Douw replied: "I want to go to Ojehe. I just stopped by and wanted to monitor the situation here at the election commission (KPU)." The police...

Urgent Appeal: 2 Papuans arrested & tortured for calling for release of political prisoners

17 April 2014

Urgent Appeal Dear Mr La RueIndonesia: Two Papuan students arrested and tortured for calling for the release of political prisonersWe are writing to you on behalf of TAPOL and the undersigned organisations regarding the violent dispersal of a demonstration in Jayapura, Papua, on 2 April 2014, and the arrest and torture of two students, Alfares Kapisa and Yali Wenda. While the students have now been released, we believe that police conduct violated the fundamental rights to freedom of expression and assembly, the right to freedom from torture, the UN Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers and...

Demonstran internasional meminta hak berdemokrasi bagi tahanan politik Papua

02 April 2014

Hari ini 100 orang demonstan meminta pembebasan segera terhadap tahanan politik di Papua dalam sebuah demonstrasi damai di luar Kedutaan Besar Indonesia di London yang diselenggarakan oleh TAPOL, Survival Internasional dan Amnesty Internasional Inggris. Demonstran meminta partai politik dan kandidat Presiden Indonesia untuk mendukung pemenuhan hak berdemokrasi di Papua dalam menghadapi pemilihan umum nasional untuk calon legislatif, minggu depan. Demonstrasi serupa juga diselenggarakan di Skotlandia, Belanda, Australia, Selandia Baru dan Papua.Di Jayapura, sekitar pukul 10:00 pagi hari ini,...

Papuan prisoner protest highlights Indonesia’s secret shame

02 April 2014

Dozens of protestors today demanded the immediate release of political prisoners in West Papua at a peaceful rally outside Indonesia’s London Embassy organised by TAPOL, Survival International and Amnesty International UK. Similar rallies were held in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.In West Papua at around 10:00 Eastern Indonesia time today, police fired shots at peaceful demonstrators demanding the release of prisoners, reportedly called the indigenous demonstrators ‘monkeys’ and made two arrests. Early reports indicate that the two detainees have been...

The Pacific/MSG Delegation Visit to Papua: Full of Contradictions

06 February 2014

Port Numbay, 23 January 2014To Mr. Leader of Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) and Leader of FNLSK.On behalf of  Indigenous  Papuan Women and  women victims of violence and human rights abuses  in Papua, I felt obliged to write this field report findings to you so that you get a true statement.Thank you.Fientje Salomina JaranggaCc: To Leader of WPNCL. The Pacific/MSG Delegation Visit to Papua:  Full of Contradictions(By: Fientje Salomina Jarangga). The delegation of foreign ministries from members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) arrived at Sentani Airport, Jayapura at around 6am on 13...

Urgent Appeal to Special Rapporteur on EJs: West Papuan activist poisoned to death

23 December 2013

20 December 2013
Mr. Christof Heyns
UN Special Rapporteur on
extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions
1211 Geneva 10
SWITZERLAND Fax: +41 22 917 9006Dear Mr. Heyns,Re: Letter of allegation – West Papuan activist poisoned to deathHuman Rights and Peace for Papua (ICP), Fransiscans International, TAPOL, the West Papua Netzwerk (WPN) and the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) are writing to inform you of a case regarding the suspicious death of Danny Kogoya, the Jayapura regional commander of the Free Papua Movement (Operasi Papua...

Papua Customary Council: Indonesia must recognise forgotten genocide

04 November 2013

As the representative and in the name of the indigenous people of Baliem La Pago, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to the Asian Commission on Human Rights in Hong Kong for reminding the world of the crimes committed by the State, which has long been kept secret.The massacre and indiscriminate killings perpetrated by the State took place in the indigenous territory of Balim in 1977-1978. The trauma of this crime has left a lasting impression for generations.The data produced by the Asian Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong is the most accurate and reliable as the accounts are...

Dewan Adat Papua: Genosida yang diabaikan harus diakui

04 November 2013

Kami mewakili dan Atas Nama : Masyarakat Adat Balim La Pago menyampaikan penghargaan yang tinggi dan Terima Kasih yang dalam kepada;  Komisi Hak Asasi Manusia Perwakilan Asia di Hongkong yang begitu berani menyampaikan kepada Dunia tentang Kejahatan Negara yang di rahasiakan selama ini.Suatu  Kejahatan Pembantaian, Pembunuhan yang membabibuta oleh Negara dengan Fasilitas Negara menghanguskan Rakyatnya sendiri dengan begitu kejam terjadi di wilayah Adat Balim pada Tahun 1977-1978. Rasa trauma yang dalam dan tak terlupakan masih membekas dari generasi ke generasi.Data yang di keluarkan oleh...

Genosida yang diabaikan

24 October 2013

Konflik yang sudah berlangsung selama puluhan tahun di Papua, Indonesia, terus menelan korban jiwa baik dari pihak masyarakat sipil, tentara, maupun anggota kelompok pemberontak. Pelanggaran hak asasi manusia (HAM) –mulai dari pembunuhan ekstrayudisial, intimidasi terhadap jurnalis hingga diskriminasi dalam akses terhadap pelayanan kesehatan, pendidikan dan kesempatan ekonomi– masih berlangsung. Kesemuanya ini hanyalah puncak gunung es dari pelanggaran HAM terhadap masyarakat Papua dan pelanggaran tersebut membentuk perspektif mereka terhadap Indonesia saat ini. Dalam konteks demikian, solusi...

The Neglected Genocide

24 October 2013

Decades of conflict in Papua, Indonesia, continue to cost the lives of civilians, soldiers and resistance group members. Ongoing human rights violations range from extrajudicial killings and intimidation of journalists to discrimination in health care, education and access to economic opportunities. These are just the tip of the iceberg where violations of indigenous Papuans are concerned and these violations shape current Papuan perspectives on Indonesia. In this context, a solution for both indigenous Papuans and Indonesian national interests has so far remained out of reach.Responding to...

Di mana Aristoteles Masoka? Rakyat Papua meminta PBB agar bertindak

26 September 2013

Siaran Pers, Elsham Papua, IKOHI dan TAPOLKemarin (25/9)  sebuah delegasi pembela HAM Papua bertemu dengan pihak UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (UNWGEID) di Geneva guna mengangkat kasus Aristoteles Masoka, yang hilang pada tanggal 10 November 2001. Hilangnya Aristotles Masoka telah dilaporkan ke Working Group di tahun 2004[1] dan badan PBB ini meminta penjelasan/klarifikasi dari pemerintah Indonesia pada tahun 2005, namun tidak ada tanggapan sama sekali dari pihak pemerintah Indonesia.Sebagai supir pribadi Theys Hiyo Eluay, Aristoteles pada malam...

Where is Aristoteles Masoka? Papuans call on UN to take action

26 September 2013

Press release by Elsham Papua, IKOHI and TAPOLYesterday (25/9) a delegation of Papuan human rights defenders met with the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (UNWGEID) in Geneva to follow-up the case of Aristoteles Masoka, who disappeared on 10 November 2001. The disappearance of Aristotles Masoka was reported to the Working Group in 2004[1] and the UN body asked the Indonesian government for clarification on 2005. However, the government did not respond to the clarification request from the WGEID.Personal driver to Papuan leader, Theys Hiyo Eluay, Aristoteles...

Indonesia affirms restrictions on free expression in Papua to UN

11 July 2013

Joint Press Release by Franciscans International, Human Rights and Peace for Papua (ICP), Imparsial, KontraS, Tapol and the West Papua Network(July 11, 2013, Geneva) On July 10 and 11, 2013 the UN Human Rights Committee reviewed the implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, one of the most important human rights treaties Indonesia has ratified and has the obligation to implement to ensure protection of these rights in Indonesia.The Committee highlighted the ongoing violence in Papua and deplored the excessive use of force by the Indonesian security...